Prindi see leht
Students' opinions


Associate Professor Arvo Viltrop with students.

The mission of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences of the EMÜ is to ensure continuous and high-quality academic education and lifelong continuous education, considering contemporary development tendencies and needs of the society; and a high-level research and development activities in the fields of veterinary medicine, animal science and food science.
The activities of the Institute are directed towards satisfaction of the concrete needs of the sectors in order to offer internationally competitive education in the specialities, in which we have developed sufficient scientific competence, and human and technical resources.

The objectives of the Institute are set up in compliance with the mission and development plans of both the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ) and the Institute itself as well as in the Institute Statute and could be summarized as follows: 

  • to guarantee continual accreditation of the curricula;
  • to integrate the Institute into the international network of higher educational institutions and research centres as a highly competitive and internationally recognized centre of academic education and research in veterinary medicine, animal sciences and food science;
  • from the basis of contemporary (up-to-date) research-based academic education to guarantee for graduates the high competitive level in international labour market;
  • from the basis of motivation, good working conditions, economical use of finances, internal competition of academic personnel and researches, to guarantee the preparing of the new academic generation via well organized leadership, study and research system;
  • to create in the field of competence the life-long retraining system for the practitioners which is based on up-to-date research;
  • in cooperation with state institutions and professional associations to regulate, standardize and develop the professional terminology in Estonian language;
  • to propagate the research achievements of the Institute and enable to put those into the practice;
  • the activities of the Institute are reviewed to prepare long term development plan; SWOT analyses have been carried out in every department of the Institute in 2006/2007.