Prindi see leht

Chair of Food Science and Technology (VL TQ)


The Chair of Food Science and Technology of the Estonian University of Life Sciences is conducting the study of food technology. There are two curricula (undergraduate and postgraduate courses) and there is a possibility to continue doctoral studies after the master's studies. The study-related unit includes laboratories and internships in food science, technology and applied microbiology, where labs, food chemistry, technology, hygiene and microbiology are performed. Administratively, there is a chemistry unit with an independent budget and management, which provides chemistry education for the entire university.
The newly created laboratory complex includes a research laboratory, a micro-dairy and beverage technology laboratory, a sensory evaluation and a bakery and confectionery technology laboratory and a meat technology laboratory. The laboratories carry out the practical part of the teaching, and carry out tests related to the final thesis and product development. The new laboratory complex will also serve as a platform for cooperation with the food industry in carrying out various projects.