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Triin Rilanto PhD Dissertation Defense

Algus kell: 10:00
Lõpp kell: 12:00

Fr. R. Kreutzwald 62-A201, Tartu

On December 12 at 10:00 a.m., the senior veterinarian of the Chair of Clinical Veterinary Medicine Triin Rilanto will defend her dissertation "Culling and longevity of Estonian dairy cows – animal-based, herd infectious and farmer-related risk factors" to apply for a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Veterinary Science.

Triin's supervisor is Assistant Professor Kerli Mõtus, and the opponent is Professor Thomas Wittek of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna from Austria.

The public defence session will be held in room A-201, Kreutzwaldi 62.

Dissertation will soon be available in the University's digital archive EMU DSpace.

On behalf of the Doctorate Defence Committee of the veterinary science and food science curriculum, I invite everyone to attend the public defence and support Triin.

On behalf of the Defence Committee,
Andres Aland