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New book summarizes the history of higher education in veterinary medicine in Estonia

On October 3 the anniversary book "175 years of veterinary education and science in Estonia" has been presented in the library of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. The anniversary book summarizes the activities of the institute throughout the ages.
The book contains an overview of research into the history of Tartu Veterinary College, the history of Estonian higher education in veterinary medicine, the history of structural units and formations of veterinary medicine, and the history of teaching and research in veterinary medicine disciplines. In addition, the book contains the biographies of the managers, lecturers and researchers of the Tartu Veterinary College, as well as the alumni of the EPA and E(P)MÜ veterinary medicine major in the years 1952 - 2022.
The book was compiled by Enn Ernits and Tarmo Niine, and the editor-in-chief is Toomas Tiirats.
"We have lived together with the institute for the last half century, so there were no big surprises when preparing the book. According to the need, we could prepare even a five-volume monograph or a reference work article with co-author Tarmo Niine, so it was not difficult to prepare a one-volume work," commented Enn Ernits.
The book is printed in color and richly illustrated with photographs. The book was published in both Estonian and English.