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Research at the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

The Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences is the centre for research and development in Estonia in the fields of veterinary medicine, animal and fish farming and food science.

The institute is responsible for eight areas of competence and academic activities in the Estonian University of Life Sciences:

  • Animal genetics and animal breeding - leader Professor Haldja Viinalass
  • Animal nutrition - leader Professor Meelis Ots
  • Aquaculture - leader Professor Tiit Paaver
  • Morphology and physiology - leader Professor Marina Aunapuu
  • Environment, animal welfare and health - leader Professor David Arney
  • Veterinary microbiology and parasitology - leader Professor Arvo Viltrop
  • Clinical veterinary medicine - leader Professor Toomas Orro
  • Food science and food hygiene - leader Professor Mati Roasto

The academic staff of the Institute in 2015 (total of 149 positions):

  • Professors - 13
  • Docents - 25
  • Lecturers - 37
  • Teaching assistants - 3
  • Senior researchers - 14
  • Researchers - 14
  • Junior researchers - 7
  • Senior veterinarians - 10
  • Veterinarians - 20
  • Junior veterinarians - 6

Most important current research projects in 2015:

  • Fertility and health in dairy cattle (2013–2018); research group leader Prof Andres Valdmann;
  • Population genetic, genomic and transcriptomic approaches in studies of genetic diversity and local adaptations in fish and farm animals (2013–2018); research group leader Prof Riho Gross;
  • Development of efficient animal reproduction technologies for sustainable cattle breeding (2012–2015); research group leader Prof Ülle Jaakma;
  • Sustainable breeding strategies to produce compositionally designed milk to promote biotechnological properties of milk, foster human health, and increase profitability of milk production (2009–2015); research group leader Prof Haldja Viinalass;
  • Epidemiology and risk factors of emerging zoonoses in Estonia. Investigation into the needs for surveillance and development of surveillance systems (2012-2015); research group leader Prof Arvo Viltrop;
  • Transfer routes for antibiotic resistance (2012-2015); research group leader Prof Ülle Jaakma.

Research cooperation: