Prindi see leht


The staff of the Chair have consistently contributed to the development of the Estonian animal breeding sector. Besides the provision of counselling services, expert opinion, and professional assessments, the Chair is actively involved in the development of animal breeding legislation and the preparation of national development plans.

Staff members of the Chair are frequent guest speakers at meetings and training sessions held by various breeding organisations. The Chair offers a number of services and analyses for the public that are related to different animal species (cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and dogs).

Services provided:

  • Counselling services on issues related to animal breeding and animal genetic resources
  • Production and collection of bovine embryos from donor animals and the transfer of embryos to recipient
  • In vitro production of bovine embryos
  • Assessment of bovine sperm
  • Embryo technology practical classes for high school students
  • Milk progesterone testing and relevant counselling
  • Genetic analyses

Services are provided to animal breeding organisations (Akhal-Teke Association of Estonia, Animal Breeders’ Association of Estonia, Estonian Native Cattle Breed Society, Estonian Pig Breeding Association, Estonian Horse Breeders’ Association, Estonian Sporthorse Breeders’ Society, Estonian Trotting Union, Estonian Sheep Breeding Society, Estonian Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association), the Veterinary and Food Board, the Estonian Veterinary and Food Laboratory, as well as local and foreign animal owners.

The Laboratory of Animal Genetics has achieved the ‘Rank 1’ status in ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) comparison tests for cattle, pig and horse genotyping. The laboratory has successfully passed the annual comparison tests for scrapie genotyping organised by the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s Quality Assurance Unit (VETQAS).