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Phase I of the Food Technology Laboratory Complex (Meat Technology Laboratory, Micro Dairy and Beverage Laboratory, Bakery and Confectionery Laboratory, Sensory Laboratory, Analytical Laboratory and Study Class) was completed in autumn 2017 as part of the ASTRA Value Chain Bio-Economy program. In Phase II of the laboratory complex, the microbiology laboratory was completed in 2019. We hope to modernize the chemistry lab in the near future.

The teaching, research and development of the Food Technology Laboratory complex is closely linked to the networks of other university laboratories, where in-depth research in biochemistry, microbiology, microstructure, etc. is possible. The facilities of the complex and its connection with other research laboratories in our university provide a basis for a unique platform for intensifying international cooperation and links with the business sector.

Chair of Food Science and Food Technology (VLTQ) as a Partner:
Scientific and applied research;
Studies on the effect of technological techniques and regimes on the composition and quality of foodstuffs;
Consultancy and training in the field of food technology;
Analysis services (for determination of physico-chemical, microbiological, organoleptic, rheological, structure and texture parameters);
Conducting product development experiments;
Exploring the uses of various additives (including herbal antioxidants, probiotic bacteria) to improve food quality; extension of the shelf life; in the development of functional foods.
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