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The link between teaching and research is already indicated by the name of the Chair of Food Science and Technology. "Food science" means a field that deals with the multifaceted study of the composition, properties of foods and the techniques and processes required to create them. On the other side of the name, "Food technology" refers to the set of skills, processes, equipment, and other tools we use to make foods that we all know commercially.
The activities of the Chair can be conditionally divided into three parts:

  1. research and publication - this activity ensures a high level of sustainability in the whole field;
  2. research and application projects - it is through implementation projects that the Chair can help solve technology and product development problems for companies in the field;
  3. teaching - these activities are related to research and outreach, applied research as well as to the overall advancement and sustainability of the field.

As an important research activity, the Chair of Food Science and Technology also participates in the organization of the annual International Conference Biosystems Engineering. The Chair is responsible for reviewing and editing articles in the Food Science section and publishing in the journal Agronomy Research.


In addition, the Chair of Food Science and Technology is directly related with new ERA Chair for Food (By)Products Valorisation Technologies (VALORTECH), an inter-unit entity that brings together know-how and technological base from Institute´s of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, but also from other EULS ´s structural units.


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