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Veterinary Medicine

Estonian University of Life Sciences has been accredited by the EAEVE (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education) in the field of veterinary medicine. Practical training which is crucial to all veterinarians takes place in the Animal Clinic of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, located conveniently in the university campus.

Completion of the six-year study program provides a qualification corresponding to the Master’s degree.

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Veterinary studies can be divided into three periods:

In the first years the students study the foundations of veterinary medicine, anatomy and functions of animals as well as the fundamentals of animal husbandry. Several branches of biology, zoology, botany, genetics and cell biology as well as chemistry, biophysics, microbiology, virology and parasitology can be considered the foundation of veterinary studies.

In the spring semester of the second year students are taught diseases in animals, they take up pathological anatomy and physiology, which constitutes an introduction to the second period of the veterinary studies. Pre clinical studies give the student an insight into the processes going on in the organism of the diseased animal, as well as elementary skills in disease detection.

The second phase concentrates on the relations between human and animal health and an introduction into the public health issues is made. 

In the third phase or clinical studies lecturers communicate students profound knowledge on the most common diseases of different animal species (including birds and fish) with an empahis on their diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Practical training takes place in the animal clinic of Estonian University of Life Sciences.
Students also gain extensive knowledge of veterinary public health, veterinary legislation and state veterinary
control system.
In the sixth year the student can focus on one of the three main tracks:

  • large animal and equine medicine
  • small-animal medicine