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Important dates related to the graduation for the graduates of 2021

The deadline for entering all the results of the courses on the ÕIS is May 14 2021.

Students must also take into account that only the students who have completed all the compulsory courses and taken elective and optional subjects specified in the curriculum in the total amounts of at least 352 ECTS as of 14.05.2021 are allowed to take the examinations or participate in the defence of the thesis. The volume of the final exam or final theses is 8 ECTS.

To receive a diploma, a total of 360 ECTS must be completed. In addition, the students must not be subject to any EMÜ disciplinary enquiries and/or monetary claims.

The schedule for examinations and defence is as follows:

  1. Final examinations

1.1. VL.1110 Board examination for veterinary medicine and clinical competence (5 ECTS)
9.00 May 25, 2021, Kreutzwald 62-A201

1.2. VL.1106 Farm animal and equine medicine (3 ECTS)
9.00 June 1, 2021, Kreutzwaldi 62-A124

1.3. VL.1107 Pet Animal Medicine (3 ECTS)
9.00 June 1, 2021, Kreutzwaldi 62-A201

  1. Defence of the VL.1109 Final thesis (8 ECTS)

2.1. Group 1 at 9.00 June 3, 2021 MS Teams

2.2. Group 2 at 9.00 June 4, 2021 MS Teams

The final thesis must be submitted to the reviewer by May 17, 2021, at the latest. The supervisor will provide information about the reviewer.

  1. Graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony will take place at 12.00 on Friday, June 11, 2021,  in Assembly Hall of the Main Building at Kreutzwaldi 1a