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Chair of Animal Nutrition (VL ST)

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The main focus of the Department of Animal Nutrition is on determining the nutrient content of feedstuff samples, which serve as basis for formulating proper feed rations. The major goal is to improve the yield and quality of animal produce through high-quality feedstuffs practices, which is also related to the overall health of a herd. In recent years, the institute has developed competence in organic livestock production.

Department of Animal Nutrition
46 Kreutzwaldi St, 51006 Tartu, Estonia
Phone +372 731 3474, Fax +372 731 3477
Meelis Ots Meelis Ots DSc (agriculture)
Head, Professor, animal nutrition and feeding, nutrition physiology and metabolism
+372 731 3474,
Feed and Metabolism Research Laboratory
46 Kreutzwaldi St, 51006 Tartu, Estonia
Phone +372 731 3478, +372 731 3473, E-mail: 
Andres Olt Andres Olt MSc (animal science)
Head of laboratory, Research Fellow, silage fermentation, feed quality, cattle feeding
+372 731 3478,
Milk Quality Research Laboratory
48 Kreutzwaldi St, 51006 Tartu, Estonia
Phone +372 731 3471, +372 731 3472, E-mail:
Merike Henno Merike Henno DSc (agriculture)
Head of Laboratory, Senior Research Fellow
+372 731 3471, +372 516 3550,