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Chair of Aquaculture (VL VI)

In Estonian

The Chair of Aquaculture is Estonia’s only centre of competence providing Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degree programmes in aquaculture. It also undertakes basic and applied research in the areas of fish and crayfish genetics and diseases, aquaculture technology, and replenishment and renewal of fish stocks.

Our aim is to conduct high-level research, offer science-based education, and cooperate with the aquaculture and fisheries industry in order to implement research results. We have laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment for research on fish and crayfish genetics and for molecular genetic diagnostics of pathogens. In addition, we have an aquaculture research station for the breeding and use of laboratory animals, opened in 2020.

History of the Chair

In 1964, the Department of Fish Farming was established at the Estonian Research Institute of Animal Breeding and Veterinary Science. The facilities of the Fish Farming Experiment/Research Station were built at Ilmatsalu between 1971 and 1978. In 1993 these facilities were privatised, and the Institute along with the department merged with the Estonian Agricultural University. In 2005, the Estonian Agricultural University has renamed the Estonian University of Life Sciences, and since then, the department is part of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences. In 2014, the department has renamed the Department of Aquaculture, and on 1 September 2017, restructured into the Chair of Aquaculture. The Chair is led by Professor Riho Gross.

46A Kreutzwaldi St.
51006 Tartu
Phone (+372) 731 3489
Chair, Prof Riho Gross (+372) 731 3489