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Chair of Clinical Veterinary Medicine (VL KM)

In Estonian

The Chair of Clinical Veterinary Medicine is Estonia’s centre for veterinary clinical teaching and research. The Chair is committed to advancing research and education in the field of clinical medicine covering various animal species. The areas of expertise and research within the Chair focus on clinical immunology of domestic animals, internal medicine, cattle health management, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery, anesthesiology, pharmacology, and wildlife and exotic animal medicine. The academic staff members are engaged in supervising doctoral students in veterinary medicine and food science and conducting in-service training for veterinarians, which includes expert assessments and consulting veterinary practitioners both in Estonia and abroad. The Chair also cooperates with human medicine institutions in several projects of common interest. 

The core units of the Chair are three animal clinics: small animal clinic, productive animal clinic, and equine clinic. The clinics serve as a base for training the students of veterinary medicine in clinical practice as well as for the research conducted by the teaching staff members. The small animal clinic also offers the opportunity to complete a one-year postgraduate training programme that allows young veterinarians to gain additional theoretical and practical experience by working with specialists in various fields of veterinary medicine. The clinics perform advanced clinical, laboratory and imaging diagnostics, treatment of internal diseases, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, dental procedures, treatment of eye and skin diseases, as well as diagnosis and treatment of neurological problems. The intensive care unit of the small animal clinic provides 24/7 emergency services. The equine and productive animal clinics also offer on-site veterinary care.

The Chair's research is structured around the following areas: antibiotic resistance of pathogenic microorganisms in domestic animals, inflammatory processes in the animals, bovine cattle health, bovine reproductive physiology and diseases, parasitic and orthopaedic diseases in small animals, and wild animal anaesthesiology. The Chair values cooperation with colleagues both in Estonia and internationally.