Competence course in laboratory animal scienceCompetence course in laboratory animal science

Algus: 25.03.2024 00:00
Lõpp: 30.04.2024 12:00


Estonian University of Life Sciences,  in cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland, is organizing a training course: 

Competence course in laboratory animal science

E-course for individuals carrying out the procedures on animals (a) and killing animals (d), according to Directive 2010/63/EU functions. The course is held according to the guidelines

This course is one part of the FELASA ( accredited course F029/10. Students work independently through the material. The theoretical component of the training occurs online via the platform, where an examination must also be completed. 

Learning outcomes 

This course targets students at a career development stage where animal use is deemed necessary. Participants will gain insight into animal usage in scientific contexts and comprehend the necessity for ongoing education. The student will learn the ethics, basic biology of mice and rats as well as gain training in handling minimally invasive techniques on live animals and humane methods of killing of mice and/or rats. After the course the student will have the right to perform procedures on practiced species under supervision until procedure-specific competence has been obtained through training. The course will cover EU directive 2010/63/EU article 23 function (a) carrying out procedures on animals and function (d) killing animals.


  • The learning platform will be accessible from March 25, 2024,to April 30, 2024.
  • The training will proceed if a minimum of 12 participants are registered.
  • Please register latest at March 3, 2024, at this link
  • The course fee for the theoretical part is 650 euros

Following successful completion of the theoretical online exam, participation in practical training days is mandatory. Participants can opt for practical training modules focused on mice, rat, or bird (great tit or quail).

The exact dates of the practical training will be determined, with an estimated timeframe in May 2024.

  • The practical training will be conducted with a minimum of 12 registered participants.
  • The fee for practical training is 390 euros per species (either mouse or rat), 200 euros for a bird.

In any questions please contact:
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences